Holistic PT & Coach

PRE REQUISITE: This course is open to Fully Qualified Personal Trainers of Certificate IV or above.

Why holistic coaching?

Using Holistic coaching for fitness & wellbeing has shown results supporting an increase in personal goal successes, not just for the clients but also for the PT/Coach.

With science backed techniques, we teach Personal Trainers how to work holistically with their clients. What that entails and how to create holistic training methods, treating the person as a whole, not just a body. This is the newest science backed realization and has been creating lasting success for all who train in this area.

We know that Holistic Training can take your business out of the ordinary; creating the extraordinary business and success stories you’ve wanted, easily!. But this niche market is not for everyone.

Ask yourself this. Are you interested in learning:

If these areas interest you and if you can understand the missing link in health & fitness, then this training is for you.

This course will enable you to create a niche in your business, becoming a pioneer within the fitness industry, and building the link to ongoing health success for your clients and yourself; successes that really make an impact, in your life, and the future of your clients.

Stage One – Certificate Level:

This course will provide you with THREE comprehensive qualifications upon Graduation:

Certification in the above allows the graduate to use the letters Cert.Med.Hol.Couns (IMTTA)

Course Outline

Module One - Foundation Studies in Meditation
Module Two – Stress; Understanding Cause & Effect
Module Three - Foundations of Human Happiness
Module Four - Tools for Healing
Module Five - Meditation Styles and Techniques
Module Six - Teaching
Module Seven - Working with Specific Groups
Module Eight - Counselling & Coaching Skills
Module Nine - Running Classes and Workshops
Module Ten - Corporate and Community Settings
Module Eleven – Small Business Management
Module Twelve – Marketing; The key to success
(We DO NOT offer individual module participation)

On completion of the above Triple Certificate and to achieve status as Holistic Personal Trainer & Coach, the following Post Graduate Courses must be completed.

Stage 2 – Post Graduate Level:

Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Post Graduate Certificate
Brain Body Medicine Post Graduate Certificate.

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NOTE: These classes sell out as we have a maximum of 10 students to ensure the highest quality of FACE to FACE learning.

Course Outcomes

On Completion of the certificate level intensive training course you will be qualified to work as a professional Meditation Teacher, Chair Yoga Instructor and Holistic Counsellor or Holistic Life Coach.

On Completion of all 5 Course you will be given an individual certificate in all courses and an Achievement Certificate of Holistic Personal Trainer & Coach.

Stage 2 Certifications allow the graduate to work more closely with the reprogramming of the mind, behaviours and habits. This is where lasting changes can occurs.


All courses are evidence based and industry accredited with the following organizations.

Our graduates are able to join these organisations and obtain professional insurance.

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