Dancing to Heal

Dance Fitness (Solo)

This is all about your fitness health, your internal fun and your ability to express light-heartedness. JOY is the TRUE Youth Elixir

Get your body moving in a fun way, follow along to EASY choreography and let the hour of fitness, smiles, laughter and fun, fill you with HUGE energetic benefits, the first of which is Vitality.

Current Classes:
Milon Premium Health Club
Upstairs @ Marina Mirage
74v Seaworld Drive, Main Beach
Tuesday morning @ 7:15am


Kizomba (Partnered Dancing)

It’s ok, you don’t need to bring your own partner, although the benefits for you will double if you can!!

Understanding that Kizomba is a dance of connection, of feeling, of partnership and celebration will make you relax more into this style.

It’s NOT about the moves; it’s about a deeper conversation with yourself, the music and the person in your arms. 
That’s why we call it the ‘Hug Dance’.

Please join this amazing Kizomba Family
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